A Common EnemyFear is an incompetent teacher. Jean Luc Picard

A friend of 45 years from the old country (Kansas) and I talk on the phone once a week.  We share experiences that I share with no one else and that allows us to share ideas that neither of us present anywhere else.  One of these ideas was that the sad state of humanity requires some kind of unifying force, something to bring us together in common cause.  Since people seem impervious to just working together simply because it is the best way to enhance and preserve life, a common threat with so little subtlety that even the dense would recognize it seems like the only chance.  We have kidded over the years that the only thing we could think of that humanity would recognize as enough common threat, as a common enemy, would be an invasion of aliens from outer space!

As proof of this need for obvious extremity, consider our current pandemic.  There is no one reading this, regardless of where you sit on the globe, unaffected by…

When I was 22, during my Hemingway adventure stage, I went on a mountain trek expedition south of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  We really didn't know what we were doing, but we were young, healthy and in excellent shape, so full speed ahead!

On one challenging mountain path, we literally had mountain rising on one side and immense drop off on the other side of an area about six or seven feet across.  It sloped toward the drop off side, but not badly and we were traversing it quite nicely … until some loose, gravelly rock broke loose beneath my right foot.  I started to slide inexorably toward the drop off, toward a fall that would kill me. I rolled to my side trying to get as much of my body engaged with the solid layer underlying me as possible, anything to get friction without accelerating the slide. As they say, although this took very little time, it etched in my memory as though it took a half hour.

With my feet approximately 1-2 feet from the edge, my body finally fou…
A Blog Born in Crisis

As I initiate this blog, it is a time of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.  The challenge of containment is shared by all nations and any challenge shared - and recognized - by all nations is an opportunity for growth for humanity.
May this blog show the proper gravitas leavened by self-deprecating humor as humanity moves forward.  Only we can determine which probable future we will actualize.  Perhaps it will allow us to seriously and effectively approach even bigger global concerns like human affected climate change!
I personally think we will emerge the better for it as people … and hopefully me as a blogger, too!